UPDATE – CNPA will rule on Development of 23 self-catering apartments, hotel, shops

The Cairngorms National Park Authority (CNPA) has decided to adjudicate on this application, and has replaced the Highland Council as the planning authority.

If you wish to post a comment on this page, this will help the Community Council to gauge local opinion, and we may be able to use this in our response to the Highland Council.

However, for the CNPA to take formal notice of your view, it has to be made as a comment on their website – the link is here.

Select the Comments tab, and fill in the form to make a comment. If you don’t have a CNPA login, you can register for one at the same time by clicking ‘Submit and Register’.



  1. Margaret Brown says:

    Aviemore does not need more tourist accommodation especially a travel lodge in the centre . Travel lodges belong at airports and out of town sites . There is nothing indoors for the tourists we have just now to do in inclement weather. We do not even have a swimming pool or few amenities for locals nor enough accommodation for them There is a shortage of staff everywhere in Aviemore so where are people coming from to service such a huge complex. Grampian Road is already conjested with traffic exiting onto it so with the amount of vehicles exiting this complex it will be nearly impossible for traffic to flow through. I am strongly against this planning application and my understanding of the Cairngorm National was to steer tourists from Aviemore into the outlying areas to stop this conjestion and over developement.

  2. Pat Finlayson says:

    This is a completely unnecessary development. It will overpower the current buildings in the area due to its sheer size. There is no need for either additional hotel or self catering accommodation in Aviemore. There are entire hotel blocks sitting empty, up in the Macdonald complex and self catering units are now requiring licences, due to the fact that there are so many, so adding more does not make sense. There is also a problem getting staff to service the hotel rooms and self catering units. Already we have the problem that there are not enough staff to cover the existing jobs in hospitality as there is no accommodation for local people in the village. Restaurants are having to close two days per week as they can’t get enough staff to open every day. By brining in more tourists, it just makes this problem worse. A better solution for the area would be low cost or council housing to partly alleviate the housing shortages and allow the existing services to operate more effectively. This just doesn’t make any benefit to the area.

  3. Alan Finlayson says:

    I would like to strongly object to this proposed development. Aviemore is already over developed and saturated with holiday accommodation. Entire hotel blocks are sitting empty up at the Macdonald resort. What is needed here is low cost housing to rent to to buy for local people and for workers. There is already insufficient restaurant staff in the whole village to cope with the level of tourists. Restaurants are having to close for 2 or more days per weeks they don’t have enough staff. The reason for that is because there is nowhere for staff to live. People cannot come to the village to find work, as although there are plenty of jobs they cannot find anywhere to live. By adding these additional holiday accommodations it will only make the problem worse. There will be no staff to run or maintain the additional accommodation as there isn’t enough already to go round. Catch 22 situation. This will also create a bottleneck of traffic in already congested street. There is absolutely no benefit to the village at all in allowing this development to go ahead. It is a massive building in an area of two storey buildings and would look completely out of place and not in keeping with the surroundings. We need accommodation for workers and local families. That is what should be getting built as a priority.

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