03-04-2023 Extension to the Macdonald Aviemore Hotel 

Planning permission is being sought to extend the MacDonald Aviemore Hotel. The proposed extension in the planning application documentation is described as follows:

“Alterations and extension to the hotel is to comprise two additional floors that will accommodate 53 (losing one existing bedroom on the third floor) additional family rooms for guests where there is limited provision of family suites available across the resort area.”

The Cairngorms National Park Authority (CNPA) will adjudicate on this application, and has replaced the Highland Council as the planning authority.

AVCC opposes this application, and has commented to CNPA as follows:

“Aviemore and Vicinity Community Council wishes to object to this application. The scale of the proposed building would visually dominate much of the village centre. In particular, the addition of two storeys plus a pitched roof would obscure the very attractive views towards Craigellachie from Grampian Road and the centre of Aviemore. This would significantly detract from the character of the village, making it less attractive for both local people and visitors.”

If you wish to post a comment on this page, this will help the Community Council to gauge local opinion, and we may be able to use this in our response to the Highland Council.

The application is now closed for public comment, but all details of the application may be found here.


This is the site plan, which shows where the development will be located. The boundary of the proposed location is in red.

This is the location plan, which shows that the proposed development on the Macdonald Aviemore site located to the rear of the Tesco supermarket.

The following images give an impression of what the new development will look like:

For more details, see the document provided by the developer in support of their planning application here.


  1. Vicky Macleod says:

    I absolutely disagree with this proposal. The resort are already overdeveloping the remaining green space remaining in the resort without adding to any community facilities. Residents in the village are already subjected to so much during the busy summer months with the volumes of tourists and don’t get to benefit from many of facilities that the visitors can use, for example the swimming pool. I also wholeheartedly object as the one shining light that is actually available for community use, the ice rink, will have to be removed to make way for parking. The resort already pulled down one ice rink, are they really going repeat history?

    • Jane Coyle says:

      Aviemore is now being totally overdeveloped. Green spaces are being destroyed, just look at the ugly houses being built near the golf course. The little chalets there are now cheek by jowl against these new houses. The houses themselves have no individual character. Shameful letting planning go through for this.
      Now we have another potential ugly set of buildings, blocking open views of trees and mountains beyond and cluttering up Aviemore -next door to land already lost to Bynack housing scheme.
      When are the planning department going to turn down an application for a money making venture like this and think about the impact it’s having on the environment?
      What about the people of Aviemore whose lives are being affected by these decisions.
      I wonder how many people on the planning department committee actually stay here?
      I totally reject this application. Any charm Aviemore has left is being negatively affected,
      the once thriving village becoming a dumping ground for any burger joint etc. for miles around.

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