Aviemore CycleMore

Please use this form to

  • book your place(s) for the Aviemore CycleMore
  • cancel your booking
  • ask for more information

The cost is

  • age 16 and over – £15
  • under 16 – £5
  • children in a trailer or on a tag along bike attachment – free

There must be at least one cyclist aged 18 years or older if there are children aged under 16 in the group.

All cyclists must wear a cycle helmet.

Please provide a list of people included in this booking and say how old they are. Include your own name if you will be taking part.

If all surnames are the same, you only need to enter it once.

Please make a payment to the following account, and use your name as the payment reference:
  • account name – Treasurers
  • account no       – 10926957
  • sort code           – 83-16-48